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Park Hotel "Prichal 80"
From now on Park Hotel "Prichal 80" is absolutely ready for your most important, most expected and most touching events. Take it easy — you've found a perfect place for a perfect day. Gentle breeze, warm sun and soft sand will create an atmosphere, and a professional team will take care of everything else. Remember the main words? :)
Banquet hall area: 300 sq.m.
Classic seating: 180 seats
European seating: 150 places
Air conditioning: yes
Projector: yes
Sound and scene: yes
Green yard in front of the banquet hall: yes
Marvelous sunsets: yes :)
Wedding, corporate party, birthday or team building — we will individually discuss all the details and conditions, help with the organization, assemble team, host and feed guests. Generally we will take care of all the important moments. Ready to say "Yes!"?
There are several locations for the wedding ceremony on the beach:

1. A ceremony on the beach near the banquet hall: a path of white slabs leads to the ceremony site. The bride can go out to the guests and walk through the sand without any problems. The wedding arch is located on the shore near the water, precisely in front of a soft sunset. Guests are free to stand or are placed on chairs.

2. Ceremony on a wooden pier: the whole promenade is covered with a terrace wood. The width of the pier allows to place the wedding arch, as well as one row of chairs on each side. Also, guests can stand along the promenade next to the pier.

3. Ceremony on the mole: a stone mole on the territory of the yacht club is also available as a location. The width of the mole is the same as the width of the pier.
Banquet hall was built in 2017. Interior decoration — wood. The front wall is a panoramic window with a view of the open-air green lawn, where you can also place guest tables. We supply all the necessary furniture, dishes and elements of decor (wooden arch for ceremony, vases, table sheets etc.). There is a small stage in the hall so you might connect professional sound / light / projector. Hall includes powerful air conditioning.
You are free to create!
It can also be a simple and cosy beach wedding.
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